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JULES itty bitty Rockers Music & Move Classes
4 Preschools
"Learning the fun and easy way with music"
NEW FOR 2024 
Mr. Jules available for music classes in LANCASTER / PALMDALE, CA

VIDEO with JULES itty bitty Rockers students singing  "I LIKE THE MOUNTAINS"


Hands-on guitar exploration with music teacher Mr. Tyler

Musical instrument activity, Shake, Shake, Shake  Your Maracas


“The class captures the attention of 3 year olds to 6 year olds alike.  
Witty, fun, age appropriate material covering the basic skills. 
Classic children's stories put to song with wonderful puppets that sing & dance.  
Autumn Miller,  Bright Horizons, Irvine, CA
“The children talk about how much they love music class. 
At free times they can be found independently singing songs from the class. 
We love that Itty bitty Rockers incorporates learning with music
through rhyming, colors, numbers & foreign languages.”  
Jen Hunt, Pre-K teacher, Wagon Wheel, L.A., CA

Infant and Toddler music programs

Music Program Fees:
Flat Rate (School Funded)   If you would like us to teach the entire school (paid by school) so that all children participate, we offer a flat rate, per half-hour (30 min) class
(24 child maximum & minimum schedule of 4 classes a month). Please call office for pricing.

* Option to help fund your (School Funded) music program:
The school charges each parent a small monthly fee which they can add onto the tuition. This can partially or fully cover the program fees.

Call for more information:

VIDEO- JULES itty bitty Rockers Music class

VIDEO- Preschool music class with movement directions 

VIDEO - Baby Boo Boo In The House - Break Dancimg Puppet